Technical Advice

In order to look after historic places of worship it is important to understand how they are built and how this affects our approach to their maintenance and repair. To help you with this we have provided guidance and advice on various elements of the building and the materials used in their construction as easy to print PDF sheets.

Further advice

There are many other sources of technical help provided by our project partners which you may find useful.  Click here for more information.

  • Conservation Cleaning

    The interior of a Place of Worship is a historic artefact in its own right, the following guidelines look to offer advice on how to look after a range of materials and finishes and acceptable cleaning methods.

    Cleaning listing
  • Gulleys and Drains

    Covering gulleys, ground gutters and surface and foul water drainage

    Gullys and drains listing
  • Gutters and Downpipes

    Covering the inspection, repair and maintenance of gutters and downpipes

    Gutters and downpipes listing
  • Internal surfaces

    Covers internal wall finishes, floors and ceilings and the issues associated with damp and decay and their ongoing maintenance

    Internal surfaces listing
  • Lightning Protection Systems

    An introduction to lightning protection systems

    Lightening protection listing