• Sharing the burden of maintenance

    Mcp blog post co operation listing
    3rd April 2017

    The Maintenance Co-operatives Project - the clue to what this project is all about is in the name. It is about maintenance which as everyone knows is a vital part of sustaining historic buildings, but the key to it all has been bringing people together.

  • The Cornish Celtic Way

    Pilgrimage listing
    29th March 2017

    A new spiritual route through Cornwall with a focus on the Celtic saints and making reflections on your journey.

  • Champing Churches revealed for 2017

    Fordwich 3 listing
    24th March 2017

    There are 12 glorious churches across England and Orkney available between 31st March and 30th September 2017 where you can spend a night or more enjoying the architecture from the comfort of your cosy bedding.

  • Info-Point Wi-Fi: a new way to provide information for your visitors

    Info point listing
    22nd March 2017

    A very simple and straightforward way of providing your visitors with information and interpretation material about your church by enabling them to just use their smartphone or tablet.

  • Durham Cathedral wins Innovation Award for LEGO model

    Durham lego model listing
    19th March 2017

    Durham Cathedral has won the Hudson’s Heritage Award 2017 for Best Innovation for its clever and highly successful fundraising project where visitors were encouraged to buy a LEGO brick which was then added to a detailed model of the cathedral.