Co-op Toolkit

We have put together a Toolkit containing information and resources to help you to set up your own Maintenance Co-operative. 

If you need specific advice on dealing with the different concerns and challenges that maintaining buildings can pose then take a look at our Technical Advice page.

  • Toolkit Introduction (HB01)

    More about the Maintenance Co-operatives, what the Toolkit is and how it can help you.

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  • Articles of Association (HB02)

    Use this document to help structure your co-operative

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  • Memorandum of Understanding (HB03)

    Use this document to help structure the relationship between your Maintenance Co-operative and each place of worship that you work with.

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  • Place of Worship Information Sheet (HB04)

    Complete one of these sheets for each place of worship in your Maintenance Co-operative so that you have a clear record of the key people, facilities, equipment and first aid facilities available at each site.

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  • Risk Assessment (HB20)

    This is a sample risk assessment form to show you what a risk assessment can look like.

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